Our Mission

 Our Mission

LTA Charity Consultants aims to help small and medium-sized charities in Hong Kong improve their sustainability and impact through consultancy and training.

Charities, like for-profit businesses, need people to know about them. They need employees and leaders who are the right fit. They need funding to accomplish their goals, and strategies to be sustainable in the long-run. We founded LTA Charity Consultants to meet these organisational needs.

Utilizing the skills and experiences of retired business executives, we partner with charities here in Hong Kong on human resource management, marketing, fundraising and strategy. Our goal is to allow them to focus on their cause, first and foremost – whether it be educating underprivileged children, helping the elderly, training people with disabilities, or other groups.

We do this through a combination of seminars, trainings and project-based consulting engagements.

Our consultants are retired business executives who draw on their careers in advertising, finance, consulting and more to share their knowledge and expertise with partner charities. As the number of elderly in Hong Kong grows (by 2038, nearly one in every three persons will be elders) our retired executive talent base will not only grow more diverse and robust, but our organisational relevance will also increase, as the need for stimulating and socially relevant activities for retirees grows.

Our hope is to create value for both the charities we serve and our volunteer consultants, both in the present and the future, as a social service to Hong Kong.

We teach and we help do.